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Invest in VirZOOM

The future of VRfitness, coming soon to Facebook's Oculus Quest Store.

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Developed for Facebook's Oculus Quest to expand VRfitness and forge the post-COVID-19 "New Normal."
Developed by the team behind Guitar Hero ($1B rev), Rock Band ($2B rev), and Dance Central ($50M rev).
The Oculus VZFit offers a revolutionary full-body VR experience with no third-party hardware.
The move to Facebook's Oculus Store increases our market size by orders of magnitude.
Projected December 2024 Annual Recurring Revenue is $30M at 90% gross margin.
Named one of the World's Most Innovative Companies by FastCompany.
Fitness effectiveness is scientifically proven by Brunel University London & University of Exeter.
The world's most versatile and accessible VRfitness app with thousands of devoted customers.

Our Team

I'm a cyclist and tech industry CEO, inventor, and investor. My co-founder & CTO is a world-class engineer, specialized in physical video games. We teamed up in 2014 to use VR to solve a fitness motivation problem for millions of consumers. Now we're launching our 4th generation product.


We provide safe and immersive workouts from the comfort of your home. Our thousands of customers use body motion to travel the globe or use stationary bikes to cycle and workout virtually with friends—using 10 million miles of Google Street View to travel to some of the most breathtaking places on Earth.

"Players on bikes can feel like they’re driving a tank into a war zone or riding on a flying Pegasus soaring above a canyon." - The Washington Post

We are a leader in Facebook's VRfitness offering for millions of Oculus users and launching a new standing mode for VZFit. This ground-breaking technology requires NO third-party hardware and our customers can now experience our classic bike mode or explore the world on foot.

Not only does being a leader in Facebook's VRfitness offering greatly increase our customer-base,  available market, and discoverability,  but expanding our Virtual Workouts to include full-body fitness has also greatly grown our relevance and adoption in the Post COVID-19 world. 

"The onset of COVID-19 rapidly accelerated the workout-from-home trend, which had been building slowly for years... Americans have been forced to figure out how to exercise differently as gyms closed and remote and virtual work set in. Virtual fitness accelerated a decade in a matter of weeks." - Fortune.

In 2018, we launched VirZOOM on WeFunder.

Since then, over 10,000 customers have created accounts and we’ve received countless rave reviews on our Facebook User Group. Our patented VRfitness technology gives our customers the unique ability to move through the world under their own power and delivering a groundbreaking experience that and has made us a leader in the VRfitness marketplace.

Today, we’re back for another round of funding to support our growth. We’ve grabbed hold of the market, secured high-profile partnerships, and are well on our way to defining the post COVID-19 "New Normal." 

Join us for the ride! 

There’s a surging need for home fitness solutions right now, as consumers are eager to avoid highly trafficked gym environments. However, working out at home presents unique challenges—in particular, it can be difficult to self-motivate and stay interested.

VZfit changes that by combining the addictive fun of VR game play with an immersive, full-body workout experience. The result? People workout for longer, more days per week.

VZFit harnesses the power of enjoyment-motivated exercise to keep users engaged, and it’s backed by proven science.

"When exercising, people feel better when they lose themselves in music and computer-simulated environments" - Brunell-Exeter Research Study - 2020

Our patented VZfit technology answers an untapped market need, and our Facebook's Oculus Quest store arrival gives us a significant competitive advantage. The unprecedented growth of the Oculus offering is leading the VR headset sales around the world with 1.4M units sold in Q4 2020 alone, with sales expected to exponentially increase leading to the Oculus Quest 2 accounting for 87% of all standalone VR devices by 2021.

Here’s how we compare:

We’ve created a robust business model and proven that it works. Here’s a breakdown of our revenue channels:

*Please note these are projections only and are not guaranteed.

With the funds we raise through this campaign, we plan to continue our growth to becoming the global name in VRfitness. Which we, along with Facebook, are betting to be one of the greatest growth areas in the post-COVID New Normal. 

“A lot of people have been using VR for fitness. It’s probably the most fun way to get in some quick cardio.” - Oculus CEO Mark Zuckerberg, October 2020

We are launching this campaign to raise up to $2M to grow our market presence. 

Want to be part of the future of fitness?